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Corporate Speaking & Training

Dr Ferguson is an experienced communicator and trainer who is engaged as a speaker through Saxton's Speakers' Bureau. Since 1996, Amanda has been engaged as a professional trainer, writer, management consultant of strategic planning, development and motivation in some major national and international companies (some listed below).


Organisational Psychologist

Amanda holds a PhD and Masters Degree in organisational Psychology from Macquarie University and is an endorsed organisational psychologist and member of the Australian College of Organisational Psychologists. Her PhD focused on employee engagement - what makes people love and like their work in optimal ways for themselves and organisations.

She has workplace training qualifications from the Monash Mount Eliza Business School. Amanda has specialised in workshops, seminars and keynote addresses for staff and managerial development for over two decades. Her approach combines elements of corporate culture, industry trends and personal ethics, with a focus on enabling personnel to achieve self-management and motivation, to improve work performance and to adjust to the accelerating pace of change.


Individual Career and Performance Management

Amanda is experienced in providing individual and executive career coaching, professional development and performance management. Many corporate organisations as well as the major public teaching hospitals in Sydney refer employees to Amanda. 


Social Anthropologist and Culture Analyst

Amanda also holds an Honours degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Sydney. She combines knowledge and expertise from business, psychology and social anthropology in her work, focusing on the relationships between individuals and organisational cultures for successful business and personal outcomes. One of her key roles within organisations has been guiding strategic change planning and management as well as in improving workplace relationships.


New Skills For A New Business Era

Personnel and organisations alike are currently facing unprecedented pressures and challenges of accelerating change, globalisation and competition. These new times call for a new set of skills if we are to survive and thrive in the new market place.

Amanda's presentations provide the new knowledge, skills and attitudes that people at all levels of organisations now require for sustainable success in business.


Current research in psychological and business management literature shows that while we now have less time than ever to understand and manage ourselves and our interactions with people, this knowledge most strongly predicts our success. Amanda provides training to enable personnel to achieve self management, motivation and satisfaction, to improve work performance and to adjust to changes within the workplace and within personal careers.

Her programs focus on the fit between individuals and organisational cultures and she assists in guiding change management and in improving working relations.


Amanda's presentation are based on extensive research and experience from organisational psychology and business management literature and maintain a current focus on cutting-edge issues and developments. Amanda uses current methodology from organisational psychology in developing presentations based on the training objectives and evaluation criteria of the client. A pre-training needs assessment is conducted to identify learning outcomes required and the results are measured after training. A report of the findings is available to management.


Past and Present Clients Include:


IBM, Macquarie Bank, AC Nielson, Telstra, Nortell Communications, Johnson & Johnson, AMP/GIO, Alliance (MMI) Insurance, Arnott's Biscuits, HILLROSS Financial Services, ORICA (ICI), NSW Department of Health, ACE (Association of Competitive Employers), Healthworks Corporate, Saxton's Speakers' Bureau and others.


Programs have included:


Surviving the new market
New skills for a new era
Surfing waves of change
Stress, change and self management
Keeping the balance
How to maintain work-life satisfaction
Clear paths to communication
Communicating, negotiating and conflict resolution

Ask Amanda

How do I know if I have clinical depression?
How do I recognise if a member of my family is being bullied?
How long does it take to recover from traumatic events?