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Life That Works - The CD

Meditation and Relaxation
with Dr Amanda Ferguson
Featuring the music of Ken Davis

Designed to complement the "Life Works" book, this is a CD of meditations and guided healing processes. The CD has six individual meditations and runs for more than an hour. It includes an introductory explanation about meditation. To sample or purchase individual tracks or the whole album contact http://cdbaby.com/cd/amandaferguson22 .

1. Simple Relaxation and Meditation (11.05)
Music: Calling You (from Crystal Clear)

2. Centred Breathing (5.01)
Music: Fantasy Dream (from Atmospheres)

3. Journey to the Sacred Self (21.06)
Music: Endless Emotions (from Crystal Clear)

4. Inner Child Recovery and Healing (11.52)
Music: Full of Love (from Atmospheres)

5. Releasing Past Negative Connections (11.27)
Music: After the Rain (from Atmospheres)

6. Soul Connection Meditation (5.24)
Music: Heaven and Earth (from Call of the Dolphin)

Meditation is a practice that induces a state of consciousness where the brain waves slow down and allow us to access the depths of our subconscious mind - where all of our knowledge, wisdom and ability is stored.

This brain wave state is called Alpha State. Research shows that if we access alpha state for 20 minutes a day - after three weeks we experience a complete change in the quality of our lives, physically, mentally and emotionally.

LifethatWorks CD - http://cdbaby.com/cd/amandaferguson22.





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