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Media and Presentations

Dr Ferguson has appeared in numerous interviews in print, radio and television since 2002. These will be uplisted on this new website shortly.


These include the following:


On television: "Today Tonight", Channel 7; "MarsVenus", Channel W, Foxtell; and"AM Adelaide", Channel7.

In newspapers: "Weekend Herald"; "Sunday Life"; "Sun Herald"; "Tempo"; "Body & Soul" and "Sunday Telegraph".

In magazines: CLEO, Cosmopolitan and New Woman

On radio: in NSW, VIC, WA, QLD and TAS (ABC, 3AK, 2GB, 2UB, HotFM and TopFM).,


Amanda is available for comment on any issue and is often interviewed on the following issues:

Organisational Psychology, Employee Engagement, Life and work satisfaction

Work Careers

Relationships and marriage

Work/Life balance

Communication & conflict Resolution

Anxieties and phobias


Addictions and gambling

Bullying and assertiveness


General women's and men's issues

To arrange an interview contact Dr Ferguson directly on 0418 100 008.

Ask Amanda

How do I know if I have clinical depression?
How do I recognise if a member of my family is being bullied?
How long does it take to recover from traumatic events?