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Dr Ferguson is a registered psychologist and registered clinical hypnotherapist. She has been in private practice as a counsellor since 1994. Amanda's PhD examined what makes people engaged in their work, and how this relates to their life satisfaction and work performance.

Amanda treats most problems from clinical depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies and major illness to issues of stress, self-steem, career, food and habit disorders, relationships, grief, crisis and unresolved childhood issues. She has a particular interest in helping people to gain the skills and understanding to make sustainable life changes, to find work-life satisfaction, fulfilment and meaning of life.

Amanda combines techniques including psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and inner child therapies. She currently has a private practice in Manly, Sydney.


Psychologists and hypnotherapists follow strict ethical guidelines to protect the public. These are set out and regulated by the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Association, the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, all of which Amanda is a member. To make an appointment to see Amanda at her private practice please call 0418 100 008.



Each session is 50 - 55 minuet's long unless otherwise arranged. Sessions for couples may be one-and-a-half hours long. Amanda's standard consultation fee is currently $220. The fee recommended by the Australian Psychological Society is $246 for 45-60 minuet's until 30 June 2018.



There are various ways of claiming these fees: through Medicare, health insurance and tax, as per below.



It is possible to claim this service on Medicare if you have a referral from your GP to me. Medicare allows 10 sessions per calendar year with a psychologist, and more in certain cases. The current rebate is approximately $90. Amanda is required to report back to the referring GP at the sixth session with an assessment and request for four more sessions through Medicare if appropriate.



Most health insurance funds offer rebates depending on your level of coverage.



Otherwise it is also possible to claim sessions on your income tax if sessions relate to your business or career.

Ask Amanda

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